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Benefits of Dental Implants – University Park, TX

Why Surgical Tooth-Replacement is Worth It

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There many ways to replace missing teeth, but only one treatment goes above and beyond to mimic every aspect of your tooth. While dental bridges and dentures do prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place, their solutions are only “skin-deep” so to speak because they only rest on the outer layer of gum tissue. Treatment for dental implants may take more time to complete, but there’s a reason why so many people have been opting for them over other methods and why our dentists consider them the gold standard for tooth replacement. To schedule your first in-person consultation for dental implants, call our office!

The Long-Term Oral Health Benefits

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After a dental implant (or series of implants) integrate(s) with your existing gum and bone tissue, your jaw bone will begin receiving the stimulation it needs to prevent itself from breaking down. This is thanks to osseointegration, which is a process where foreign materials become whole with organic structures (specifically bone) inside the mouth. Not only does this result in a stronger biting force, but it helps you maintain your jaw’s and mouth’s original shape. Typically, the cheeks can begin to hollow out when teeth are lost, and dental implants ensure this does not happen. Implants also improve blood flow to the rest of the mouth, keeping facial skin elastic and reducing the risk of sagging.

Longevity and Reliability

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Tooth replacement should last a long time when properly cared for, and dental implants have a history of lasting the longest when successfully placed. Not only is their success rate incredibly high (averaging 95 to 99 percent), but they are able to remain healthy for 30 years and even longer! Thanks to the integration process, you also won’t have to worry about them slipping and sliding out of place when speaking or chewing food. When you want to be able to smile and live your life with confidence, dental implants provide the best results.

Easy to Maintain

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Dental implants are maintained almost exactly like natural teeth. There’s no need to worry about soaking a denture or cleaning debris from the area underneath your dental bridge. Instead, simply brush twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, floss daily, and visit our office once every six months for a routine exam and cleaning. Even the crown portion, which is made from inorganic porcelain, will not develop cavities! Of course, the gum tissue still needs close attention after it heals around your implant, so keep this in mind when practicing your oral care.

Eat the Foods You Want

Dentures and dental bridges make your smile complete, but do they allow you to expand your diet? In most cases, you won’t be able to eat hard, sticky, crunchy or tough foods like you used to, especially if you have dentures, which tend to shift out of place after many years of use. With dental implants, your tooth replacement becomes an extension of your smile, not an accessory that needs to be micromanaged. Chewing steak, biting into apples, and digging into a bowl of nuts feels no different than when you had your natural tooth!