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Don’t Wait to Restore Your Smile with A Dental Crown

February 29, 2020

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Clean dental crown sitting on a fingertip

While everyone wants their natural, beautiful smile to stay perfect and intact for a lifetime, we aren’t all so lucky. There are a variety of factors like decay, disease, and trauma that can cause teeth to become weakened or broken. Thankfully, your Inwood Village dentist offers dental crown restorations to comfortably restore the look and function of your compromised teeth while protecting them from further damage. Read on to learn why restoring your smile with a dental crown is so important.  


Why You Should Refresh Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry This Tax Season

February 6, 2020

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man in green shirt and man bun smiling

It’s almost that time of year, where you get your tax return in the year. After a hard year of scrimping and saving, it’s hard to even decide what to do with all this money. Why not put it to good use and see your cosmetic dentist in University Park? Use this as an opportunity to correct imperfections in your teeth and attain the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted and deserved. Keep reading to learn why you should take this chance, and a few of the services your dentist offers.


Is Invisalign as Good as Traditional Braces?

January 23, 2020

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person putting in Invisalign in Inwood Village

You’ve had crooked teeth for as long as you can remember, and you’re just about sick of it. They’re hard to clean, so you always seem to have cavities. Not to mention the fact that they make you ashamed to smile in front of other people. You’ve been considering getting braces, but you’ve also heard that Invisalign in Inwood Village is a viable alternative. Which is better? Let’s take a closer look.


New Year, New Smile with Invisalign!

January 2, 2020

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blonde woman removing Invisalign in Inwood Village

It’s finally 2020, which means it’s not only a new year, but a whole new decade! Since it’s a time for new beginnings, now seems like the perfect time to correct those crooked teeth you’ve been meaning to fix for years now and attain the perfectly straight smile you’ve always wanted. The best way to do so is with Invisalign in Inwood Village. These sets of clear aligners will shift your teeth into a more desirable position in record time compared to traditional braces. Let’s take a closer look at how they work and why you should invest in them.


Is It Too Late to Start Treatment with Invisalign?

December 19, 2019

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a woman inserting a clear Invisalign aligner

It has been decades since you recall wearing metal brackets and wires on your teeth and walking the halls of your high school. The funny and judgmental looks are times you want to forget but suddenly, they come flooding back at the realization that your teeth have shifted over the years, causing bite alignment issues. As a working professional, you don’t want others distracted by your imperfect smile, but you also don’t want to don traditional braces again. So, what can you do? If you think you might be too old for Invisalign in Inwood Village, let a dental professional explain why it’s never too late to receive treatment.


4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

December 8, 2019

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an Invisalign aligner and protective case

Investing in Invisalign in Inwood Village is one of the best things you can do for your smile. But as you quickly discover, it takes time and effort to ensure your aligners remain clean and free of germs and bacteria. While they are not hard to wear or pose difficulties in your day-to-day life, it is your responsibility to make sure your clear aligners remain useable throughout your treatment and that includes proper maintenance. As you continue through treatment, check out these four ways you can take better care of your Invisalign aligners.


6 Signs That Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced or Repaired

November 11, 2019

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dentures splashing in water

Dentures in Inwood Village have allowed you to comfortably speak, eat, and smile without worrying about people focusing on your missing teeth. However, it’s important to realize that they don’t last forever, especially when the shape of your mouth begins to change over time due to jawbone deterioration. If you have dentures and feel like they’re causing you trouble, look out for these six signs that they need to either be replaced or repaired.


Why Invisalign Is Worth the Cost

October 17, 2019

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several Invisalign clear aligners on a red background

If you have misaligned teeth, you might be self-conscious about it. Maybe you’re nervous to have your picture taken because you don’t want anyone to have a record of the current state of your smile. Fortunately, there is a solution – Invisalign in Inwood Village. However, you may have heard that Invisalign is expensive, and you’re worried that it might not be worth the cost. Let’s talk about why it’s definitely worth it.


Is Charcoal the Secret to Whiter Teeth? Let’s Investigate

September 28, 2019

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Charcoal dust

With the rapid speed of today’s social media-driven world, it can be hard to keep up on all the latest health and beauty trends. However, you have probably seen at least a few photos on social media of telegenic young “influencers” with what appears to be black paste on their teeth. The black paste is actually activated charcoal, the newest trend in teeth whitening in University Park and all over the country. But is activated charcoal actually safe and effective for removing stains from teeth? Let’s dive a little deeper in today’s blog.


Top 5 Services A Cosmetic Dentist Can Use For Your Smile Makeover

September 7, 2019

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Close-up of a beautiful smile

Very few people are born with the smile they want to have. Fortunately, we live in the day and age of modern dentistry where there are safe, effective, and reliable options for transforming your smile. But if you’ve been wanting a smile makeover in Highland Park, you may be wondering about the procedures a cosmetic dentist might recommend. In this blog, you’ll learn about 5 services that can take your smile from drab to dazzling, often in a lot less time than you would expect!  

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