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4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

December 8, 2019

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an Invisalign aligner and protective case

Investing in Invisalign in Inwood Village is one of the best things you can do for your smile. But as you quickly discover, it takes time and effort to ensure your aligners remain clean and free of germs and bacteria. While they are not hard to wear or pose difficulties in your day-to-day life, it is your responsibility to make sure your clear aligners remain useable throughout your treatment and that includes proper maintenance. As you continue through treatment, check out these four ways you can take better care of your Invisalign aligners.

Use Proper Cleaning Methods

You might think that in addition to paying for your clear aligners, you’ll need to spend even more money on materials and products to keep them clean. Yes, you can invest in the recommended Invisalign Cleaning System, but all you really need is a toothbrush, clear soap, and lukewarm water. By thoroughly cleaning your trays daily, you will remove dried saliva from your aligners, keeping them healthy and reducing the risk of transferring bacteria onto your teeth. It is important to remember never to use hot water on your trays, as this can cause the plastic to warp.

Avoid Stain-Causing Foods & Beverages

You may be thinking, “But I have to take my trays out when I eat or drink, so why would this matter?” You’re right in that you will need to remove your aligners prior to eating or drinking but remember, the more darkly pigmented items you ingest, the greater your chances of stains and discoloration developing on your natural teeth over time. Since you must put your aligners back in once you are finished eating or drinking, the residue left on your teeth can transfer to your trays and cause them to become discolored. This can also happen if you brush your trays too hard, as it can remove the film that exists on your trays to keep them more transparent.

Keep Them in a Protective Case

If you enjoy going out to eat with your family or friends, you’ll need to remember to remove your Invisalign beforehand. When you do this, make sure you have a protective case with you. This will ensure your aligners are kept safe and protected from airborne germs and diseases. Your dentist in Inwood Village can help you retrieve more than one case if you believe it will be necessary throughout your treatment.

Call Your Dentist if You Lose or Break an Aligner

Don’t worry if you accidentally lose or break an aligner. All you need to do is call your dentist’s office and alert them to the situation. Depending on where you are in the course of your treatment, your dentist may suggest wearing your previous aligners until a new one is created.

Invisalign is one of the greatest ways to improve the health and aesthetics of your smile. If you want to ensure that you experience no delays in your treatment, talk to your dentist about ways to protect and keep your Invisalign aligners clean, healthy, and safe.

About the Author
Dr. Todd Brownlee earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Oklahoma before going on to complete a General Practice Residency at the VA Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Focusing on advanced dental procedures with an emphasis on oral surgery, Dr. Brownlee has extensive post-doctoral training in full mouth rehabilitation, cosmetic techniques, dental implants, and sedation dentistry. He and his team are equipped and well-versed at transforming smiles and can provide an alternative method to traditional braces for a straighter smile – Invisalign. Contact their office at (214) 352-2777 or visit the website to learn more.

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