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Metal-Free Restorations – Dallas, TX

Restoring Damaged Teeth in a Beautiful Way

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Decades prior, patients with damaged teeth had to rebuild their smile with materials that were obvious and unsightly. Fortunately, patients today can opt for metal-free restorations in Inwood Village that effectively restore cracked, decayed, or fractured teeth seamlessly. In fact, they are so natural looking that even you’ll have a hard time spotting the difference! If you have a toothache or simply think you need dental work done, don’t hesitate to ask about metal-free restorations by contacting our office today.

What Are Metal-Free Restorations?

Closeup of metal-free restoration

As the name suggests, metal-free restorations are dental crowns, fillings, fixed bridges, and inlays and onlays that are free from metal. They are custom-made from materials like ceramic and composite resin to seamlessly blend in with your other teeth. Thanks to innovations in technology and dentistry, the metal-free restorations used today are so life-like that they even mimic the way light bounces off the enamel on your teeth! That way, you can get the dental care you need without calling attention to your treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations?

Man smiling with straight, white teeth

The aesthetic benefits of metal-free restorations are substantial, but they have advantages outside of preserving your pearly white smile.

  • They conserve more of your natural tooth.
  • With proper care, they can last 10+ years.
  • The high-quality material is more resistant to stains than enamel.
  • Metal-free restorations are hypoallergenic.

When to Consider Metal-Free Restorations

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If you have one or more decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth, then we will intervene with a dental restoration (like a crown or bridge) to rebuild your tooth and restore your bite. While metal alternatives are still effective, patients should consider tooth-colored replacements if they are allergic to metal or don’t want to feel self-conscious about their smile or laugh. Plus, these aesthetically pleasing restorations prevent any chance of ingesting mercury, which is found in metal substitutions.

Who Is a Candidate for Metal-Free Restorations?

Woman smiling while talking to the dentist

Fortunately, patients of all ages can be candidates for metal-free restorations! Not only have they been extensively researched, but they are crafted only from the highest quality material and have an impressive 90% success rate. So, if you need dental work done, make sure to consider tooth-colored fillings, bridges, and crowns!

Are you ready to fix your teeth while simultaneously preserving the appearance of your smile? Our dentist in Inwood Village would love to help! Take the next step toward a healthy, strong, beautiful smile by contacting our office today.